Dell DSC6005 cloud server

The perfect homelab server? Up to 4 nodes of processing power.
I bought me one of these beasts and I have been very happy with it.
Only one issue. I live in an apartment and the original Dell fans makes a hell of a noise.
That should not come as a surprise to anyone who has used Dell servers before.

So I began to “google” around for an answer on how to replace the fans.
There were a few problems with this as the BMC needs to control the fans.

I read the post and comments on this page and that seemed like a good idea. I would recommend that you use the Fedora dist instead of Ubuntu (as implied in the comments).

Also, remember to use unetbootin instead of rufus, if running Windows.

However, the DCS6005 did not have the file required and is not even recognised by Dell as an official product.
So that was not an option (and I had already previously bricked one node when trying to flash a newer bios/bmc to it).

I continued my search and finally found a possible solution.
Ordered 4 new Noctua NF-A8 PWM 80mm with long extension cables included for $60 (600SEK from

They did fit nicely in the case but I had to mount the cable in reverse, as you clearly can see. This took a little bit of force to get the cable to fit and the motherboard connection will get bent a little.
Then the server kept beeping with an alarm regarding the fan speeds and then simply shut the nodes down after a minute or so.
Obviously not an ideal situation.

After a while I realised that the Dell BMC did a really shitty job with the PWM anyways, so I got a new idea.
I simply cut the PWM-wire (blue on the Noctua) on the Noctua extension cables, forcing them to run at full speed (2200 rpm).

I then did a quick test and voilá! The server does not beep for the fan rpm anymore.

The fans are running full speed and still not even audible compared to the Dell original beast fans.

Now all I need to do is to keep monitoring the temperatures.
I have already started about 10 vm’s without issues.

I will try to remember to update this post once a little time has passed.

I have verified that both XenServer 6.2 and Hyper-V 2012 R2 work fine with these boxes.
Also, the vNext Windows Server works fine.

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